GEYA Leak Detection ltd

GEYA Leak Detection ltd was founded in 2017 by Gil Eshbal and Yaakov Avraham who recognized the need for services that provide holistic approach to leak detection and pipeline monitoring for various fluids.

Our mission in GEYA is to provide services for leak detection and monitoring in pipelines and containers, including water, pressurized sewage systems, oil, fuel and gas. GEYA also provides pipe assessment.

In GEYA our services rely on extensive experience gained through years of collaboration with major entities that adhere to rigorous guidelines and universal standards.

GEYA possesses the optimal solution and technology for numerous problems and necesisities. We aspire to incorporate the latesest technologies to our services, so that GEYA remains a leading company for leak detection and pipeline assessment.

The Founders

Gil Eshbal

B.A. in business administartion. Vast experience in the operation of municipal systems, as well as private and military systems.

+972 52 693 99 88​​

Yaakov Avraham

M.Sc. in civil and environmental engineering. Extensive experience in designing environmental and civil projects. This includes designing various types of infrastructures.

+972 52 450 45 00