Leak Detection

Services and technologies for Leak Detection and discovery of leaks

Leak Detection in Water Supply Systems

Leak and dampness detection in household infrastructures using thermal and gas methods

Leak detection in urabn water supply systems (steel, polyethylene, etc.) using acoustic methods

Leak detection in local water systems using acoustic and electromagnetic mothods

Drip detection in concrete and steel containers

Mapping pipelines, finding the exact location of deformation

Locating external pipe deformation

Identifying corrosion in pipelines

Identifying air and gas pockets

Documentation of the state of the pipe material

Tracking pipeline state degradation

Monitoring and Locating Leaks in Urban Sewage Systems

Leak detection in sewage pipelines (steel, concrete, polyethylene, etc.) using acoustic and electromagnetic methods

Leak detection using visual documentation

Non-destructive monitoring in concrete catch basins

Monitoring and locating oil and gas pipeline leaks

Fuel leak detection using hydrophonic methods

Gas leak detection using hydrophonic methods, light gas, visual documentation and more

Leak detection in steel and concrete containers

Examination and assessment of pipeline state

Performing maintainance safely in gas pipelines

Leak Detection - Our Technologies

Water Supply and Pressure Sewage Systems







Oil and Gas Leak Detection and Pipeline Assessment